Planning for the Vigil

if anyone has any ideas or would like to help please contact me asap.  we will be getting everyone together to get this organized.  Remember everyone,  miracles happen every day!!

Gymnast, 15, missing after ride with brother's friend -

CNN story.  They did a really good job!!!  Thank you CNN

Candle light Vigil

We have set up a time and place to do the candle light vigil for Kayla. August 11th at 7pm at the City Park in the Gazebo. If anyone has a pastor they would like to invite to this please let me know asap. I have only had time to get in touch with one.  Pastor Spaude will be on vacation that week and will be unavailable. Please call me at 715-581-1180 if you know a pastor that could attend.  We would also like to have some fliers made up so if anyone would  like to donate some fliers I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks again to everyone who keeps Kayla in their thoughts and prayers.


Good News!!

Maybe Kayla’s story will be on tru tv!!  Lets all hope and pray!!!

it should run on In Session (TruTV) on Tuesday (6/22) at 1:45pm and Thursday (6/24) at 11:45am, but depending on any breaking news or developments in other stories, this may be pushed back to another day or time.  This has happened several times without our knowledge. Sometimes it’s at the last minute, so I will do the best I can to try to keep up with the anchor.


North American Missing Persons Network

I am still totally amazed at how many kids/adults go missing every year. This is a big wake up call for ALL of us.